Symbol of beauty and elegance

«Рождение Венеры» С.Боттичели. прим 1485г.

The ROSE. It was loved, it was worshipped. In Ancient Greece, it was a flower dedicated to the Gods, the bride was embellished with roses and the men, coming back from wars, walked on ways covered of petals of roses. In the Ancient Roman time, you could find it only in the houses of the Patricians. According to the tradition, Aphrodites (Venus for the Romans) was born out of waves of the sea and the flakes of foam that covered her body were turned into red roses, that blossomed for the first time as she touched the ground.

Antiquity and Modernity

School of Florence, one of the main and most advanced art schools in Italy. The pioneering research of the Florentine masters was based on the experience of ancient art. Their work, that went beyond Florence and reached the whole world, marked the beginning of the Renaissance Art. Italy, has been the Capital of the art of stained-glass. Our duty is to carry on the tradition of the famous Italian masters: all this you will find in Rosaspina, in new Novecento Collection.

Rosaspina – A story of elegance, of dreams that come true

ROSASPINA: this is the story of a Princess, the Sleeping Beauty, the Rose: the story of Beauty and the Triumph of Love. Once upon a time, there was a Princess who lived in an ancient castle… Thus appears the brand - ROSASPINA - Rose and its Thorn - a symbol of beauty and grace, luxury and elegance. The inspiration was drawn from the historical and cultural heritage of Florence, the source was the magnificent paintings by Botticelli, the masterpieces by Ghirlandaio, the Divine Comedy by Dante, the artistic Italian stained-glass windows of the XII- XIII medieval centuries, the impressive palaces of Florence. ROSASPINA is a fairy tale, the elegance that we want to bring into your life.

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