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We are Florentine family run company and we have been producing furniture, lighting and accessories for home decoration for over 25 years. Our inspiration has always been the Beauty and the Art of Florence, from the 13th to the 19th century.

We are very proud to be part of the very little number of workshops where an item is still made by hand: we follow personally and with the utmost care all the processes, from the manufacturing to the finishing.

The design of each one of our products has been carefully studied in order to reproduce the furniture of the past, from the Renaissance through Baroque up to Art Deco styles. In every single phase, from carving to painting, from gilding to finishing, our only issue is to make each object unique and exclusive.

In our new Novecento Collection, the source of inspiration was Art Deco furniture where you will discover our love for materials such as glass, brass, iron, lead, wood, …

In the 14th cent., the rich aristocratic houses were adorned by windows made of small round panes of glass fixed with lead, this is the technique we used for the doors of our fabulous sideboard, that has LED lights inside: old and modern systems matching in a unique piece. Same thing we did with the dining table, whose top has, in the centre, glass panes with led light in contrast with the rigorous natural walnut wood.

A black lacquer, wood dining table is wrapped by prickly rose branches made of brass. We were inspired by a rose plant and the Art Deco aesthetic.

As well as the wood sideboard, also in black glossy lacquer finishing, that is at the same time ornate and supported by the same brass Rose branch. The concave mirror, typical of the first half of the 15th Cent, is mounted on a round gilt wood frame; another mirror where the wrought iron leaves finished in gold or silver foils, form a light and elegant garland.

"Satellite" is the name of our coffee table - a wrought iron table with satin golden finishing; "Planets in Orbit" is instead another coffee table that can split (and move) into two separate pieces, one has a glass top, the other one is with marble. And look at our brass showcase with glass shelves: it has a telescopic pivot system adjustable for different floor-ceiling heights, that rotates 360 degrees.

This is our Collection with modern items: furniture, lighting, accessories, that can be made in different finishes, customized and adapted to your home. Florence. Italy. ROSASPINA.

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