The brand ROSASPINA is a story of luxury and beauty, the myth of elegance. In Italian, ROSASPINA, which spawned our brand, is the Briar Rose, the Rose with thorns and the name of the legendary Princess of Sleeping Beauty. We inspired out of the Nature, its organic and flowing forms. The elegant back of a bench, or of a chair or an armchair is like the smooth and round spiral formed by the petals of the Rose. A black lacquered wood table is elegantly wrapped by a brass Rose branch. But we also looked at the aesthetics of Art Deco style, with its classy and exclusive materials. The glossy black sideboard is at the same time ornate and supported by the Rose branch made of brass. A stylish lamp is wound by a prickly rose twig, an elegant coffee table has as a base the Rose branch with thorns and buds. ROSASPINA is a combination of the fine beauty of the Nature with the vast experience of our historical artisan production and new technological materials.


The brand's mission is to create interior items using old craft techniques and using noble materials, but using modern design, the latest fashion trends and the latest innovations. Creating products out of time that differ in design and originality.
Our team is a team of craftsmen, artists and designers, together we created the Rosaspina brand, inspired by nature and nature, in its smooth organic forms, as well as the art, culture and architecture of Italy.

About us and our services

ROSASPINA is the final result of the group work of artisans, artists and designers. Each object is thought as a sculpture. All our collections are designed and produced by hand in our workshop in Florence. Stil Decor Florence is a family run company, where we continue to develop the unique ROSASPINA Collection: furniture, lighting, accessories.

Naturalistic design. Inspired by the Nature, ROSASPINA meets the need of uniqueness and irregularity, like in every natural creature. Round, spiral motifs remind of the natural form of the rose: petals, thorns, buds create the distinctive design of ROSASPINA.

The ART MADE BY HAND. Each one of the products in ROSASPINA Collection is hand-made by the best craftsmen, whose deep skill allows the accomplishment of even the most audacious, exclusive projects and the result is a unique piece of uncompromising quality.

Design and customization. The main issue of Rosaspina is the originality, the possibility of customization and personalization of each product. For room decoration, we design unique, tailored made furniture and doors and create wall papers with a special technological printing method.

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